The Distant, Demonstration-Based, Skill Learning Method


In this age of rapid technological and economic change, life-long learning is becoming a way of life but the COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to all types and levels of learning including vocational education training (VET) and adult learning in general. A great number of adult education programmes have stopped due to the impossibility of continuing distance learning, especially in highly practical subjects.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a digitalisation of education and rapidly pushed education and training systems to explore new ways of teaching and learning.

This project introduces a method for efficient and accountable distant learning by arranging observation and feedback devices in a way to observe and reflect on the skills’ characteristics and information, allowing for distant delivery of practical skills.
The project aims to enhance the digital and teaching skills and competencies with the DDBSL method that adult learning providers, VET providers, and educators are required in the digital age and allow them to face the multiple challenges needed for a post-pandemic society, so that they continue their learning offers of practical skills with distance learning, and are able to adapt to changing educational needs.


Adult educators and staff of education institutions will be the direct beneficiaries of the project. Educators will learn through the online platform how to include the DDBSL method in their training methods. The programme will be tested through a pilot phase in different European countries.


  • Find out adult learners’ unique needs, motivations and what expectations they have through focus groups.
  • Adult educators to learn how to use the DDBSL method to deliver online training courses with practical and technical topics.
  • Educators can delve into a range of innovative pedagogical techniques, such as DDBSL, that will turn their adult learners into active learners and prepare them for success.
  • Adult educators learn how to design their materials and courses effectively for distance learning.
  • Learning the DDBSL method for efficient and accountable Distant.
  • Demonstration Based Skills Learning by arranging observation and feedback devices in a way to observe and reflect on the skills’ characteristics and information allowing for distant delivery of practical skills.
  • Designing online training activities.
  • Design online assessment.
  • Supporting diverse learners online.
  • Teaching and design online courses.
  • Selecting appropriate learning technologies.


The DDBS-Learning project consortium is represented by four vocational educational centres and one Research centre, from four European countries providing a comprehensive view of the problems faced by vocational training and how this DDBSL method could solve those and to advance courses which deliver practical and technical skills.
GSI Gesellschaft Für Schweisstechnik International Mbh
Im Lipperfeld 29
46047 Oberhausen, Germany

A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
3 A-D P. Demetrakopoulou Str.
1090 Ag. Omologites, Nicosia, Cyprus

KEK Tehnikes Sholes Epimelitiriou Irakleiou
Archimidous 1, Nea Alikarnassos 716 01, Greece

INFODEF – Instituto para el Fomento del Desarrollo y la Formación
Calle Los Molinos 3
47001, Valladolid, Spain

Dimitra Education & Consulting sa
Palaiologou 19,
41223, Larissa, Greece


The DDBS-Learning curriculum

The curriculum aims at defining the framework for developing the training content. It is an innovative curriculum on online distance learning using the DDBSL method addressed to educators responsible for vocational education and training such as trainers of instructors, instructors in companies, head of the department, institution leader, consultants, mentors, and in inter-company training centres.

The curriculum is intended to respond to the main challenges of distance teaching such as transforming face-to-face practical courses into online courses, establishing online relationships with learners and securing the required equipment and infrastructure. It addresses the lack of sufficient skills of the practitioner for providing accountable and high quality distance teaching of practical skills.

Download the  DDBS-Learning Curriculum

HANDBOOK for adult educators and “train the trainers”

The Handbook is a guide for trainers who wish to develop an individual methodology for distance learning using the DDBSL method. Its expected impact is to allow users to understand the current state of the developments in the area of distance teaching. During the lifetime of the project, the Handbook will be implemented through a short-term mobility program intended to train trainers of trainers, and educators, in Germany.

Download the Handbook

The DDBS-Learning online platform

The online training platform designed to ensure personalised training pathways by initially testing the knowledge and awareness of digitalisation processes among the target group. The online training platform elaborates a personalised strategy for the participants to be able to address the weak points and empower its approach to distance learning practical skills.

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GSI SLV Bildungszentren Rhein-Ruhr
Project coordinator
Karina Sydekum

+49 208 8592770
Im Lipperfeld 29 / 46047 Oberhausen

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