The Erasmus+ KA2 “DDBS-Learning” project marked a significant milestone with its first face-to-face meeting hosted at KEK, Heraklion, Greece, on the 18th and 19th of July 2022. The meeting brought together transnational partners, fostering collaboration and setting the stage for the innovative Distance Demonstration-Based Learning (DDBS-L) approach in adult education and vocational training.

The two-day meeting was packed with discussions, presentations, and workshops aimed at shaping the project’s future trajectory. Some key agenda items included Presentation of Focus Group Results (IO1/A1) by Dimitra, exploring insights to refine the curriculum. Partners also discussed the development of the Curriculum (IO1/A3) with a presentation of the template by Dimitra and a workshop involving all partners to facilitate collaborative engagement in the definition of Learning Outcomes. 

During the meeting also some key transversal issues were discussed such as the Quality Plan, presented by Emphasys and the Dissemination Plan and Social Media strategy, presented by INFODEF.

The successful face-to-face meeting in Heraklion set the foundation for the DDBS-Learning project’s success. With a refined curriculum, clear quality measures, and strategic dissemination plans, the consortium is well-poised to revolutionize adult education and vocational training through innovative distance learning methodologies. The commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration highlights the project’s dedication to shaping the future of practical skills education. 

Stay tuned for further updates as the DDBS-Learning project progresses on its transformative journey.