In a celebration of collaborative learning and skill development, the Erasmus+ KA2 „DDBS-Learning“ project organized a dynamic Learning and Training Workshop in Oberhausen, Germany, from July 4th to July 6th, 2023. This event marked a crucial step in advancing the Distance Demonstration-Based Learning (DDBS-L) approach, bringing together transnational partners for an enriching experience. 

During three days the participants were able to develop the 5 modules of the DDBS-Learning curriculum. The workshop kicked off with DIMITRA leading Module 1, offering insights into the skills and characteristics of an adult educator. 

Emphasys took the stage to delve into teaching methods and techniques, enriching the participants‘ pedagogical toolkit.

INFODEF explored digital tools of distance learning, harnessing technology for effective education. 

KEK presented Module 4, focusing on the DDBS method through engaging videos and showcasing best practices.

During the second day of the workshop participants delved into hands-on learning with a welding workshop, facilitated with provided safety clothing, building on the practical skills, participants continued their exploration of welding techniques.

GSI led Module 5, delving into case studies and offering practical insights into real-world applications.

Participants collectively explored the implementation of the pilot phase, sharing experiences and challenges. GSI introduced Europasses, providing a structured way to recognize and document skills and qualifications acquired by participants during the workshop. 

The workshop concluded with a visit to the Gasometer Oberhausen, an exhibition space showcasing art and science.

The Learning and Training Workshop in Oberhausen not only provided valuable insights into the DDBS-Learning approach but also facilitated hands-on experiences, making theoretical concepts tangible. Participants engaged in collaborative learning, sharing best practices, and developing a deeper understanding of the methodologies presented. The welding workshop offered a unique opportunity for practical application, allowing participants to embody the principles they learned during the workshop.

s the project progresses, the experiences and knowledge gained during the Learning and Training Workshop will contribute to refining the DDBS-Learning approach.

The commitment of the transnational partners to collaborative learning and innovative teaching methodologies is poised to make a lasting impact on adult education and vocational training.

The Erasmus+ KA2 „DDBS-Learning“ project looks forward to building on the success of the Oberhausen workshop, continuing to pioneer transformative approaches to education. 

Stay tuned for further updates on the project’s journey as it works towards reshaping the landscape of practical skills education!